We supply Transport market components for diverse applications from braking systems, Wifi enabling components for in car solutions, road-tolling and timing telemetry.

No market is undergoing more change in recent years than Automotive with mainstream adoption of Electric charging, Adaptive cruise control, Wifi, security, radio. Products are typically manufactured to quality standards under AECQ and TS16949 accreditation.
Qorvo automotive product lines include Front end modules (FEMs) and low loss switches for Wifi Systems. Integration of Power amps and switches into FEMs allow customers to optimise the front end design and minimise test and design time.
FEMs exhibit industry-leading EVM in the dynamic bias conditions present in Wi-Fi systems. Dynamic EVM performance is ensured by full RF production testing. Additionally, Qorvo offers the highest power and most efficient 2.5GHz FEMs in the market. Qorvo has automotive FEMs for both 2GHz and 5GHz applications. These FEMs integrate the PA, LNA and switch all in the same package, while others integrate the switch and LNA. Qorvo also offers automotive grade switches that meet the stringent 105°C operational specification. These switches are designed in the Silicon On Insulator (SOI) process insuring an ESD value that complies with AECQ-100 requirements (2kV).

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SAW and BAW filters

SAW and BAW filters are also supplied into Automotive applications such as Wifi, Radio, GPS and Cellular & keyless entry applications. 802.11p standard is a specific enhancement for automotive vehicular communications systems and to support Intelligent transportation in the future. This is envisaged to provide data exchange for roadside and vehicle to vehicle comms in the 5.85 to 5.925GHz and currently occupies a 10MHz channel in this band.