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QPD1000 – Transistor

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Summary: QPD1000 – Transistor

15W, 28V, 0.03-1.215GHz GaN RF Input-Matched Transistor. The Qorvo QPD1000 – Transistor is a 15W (P3dB), 50Ω-input matched discrete GaN on SiC HEMT which operates from 30MHz to 1.215 GHz. The integrated input matching network enables wideband gain and power performance, while the output can be matched on board to optimize power and efficiency for any region within the band. The device is housed in a 5 x 6 mm leadless SMT package that saves real estate of already space-constrained handheld radios. Lead-free and ROHS compliant.


Key Features

• Frequency: 30 MHz to 1.215 GHz

• Output Power (P3dB) 1 : 24 W

• Linear Gain1 : 19 dB

• Typical PAE3dB1 : 78.2%

• Operating Voltage: 28 V

• Low thermal resistance package

• CW and Pulse capable

• 5 x 6 mm package Note 1: @ 1 GHz



• Military radar

• Civilian radar

• Land mobile and military radio communications

• Test instrumentation

• Wideband or narrowband amplifiers

• Jammers


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