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Syfer technology provide Multilayer Capacitors and EMI Filters for markets ranging from Space,Defence and Avionics to Medical and consumer.

Syfer Technology Limited is a global company dedicated to the manufacture of ceramic based electronic components.
Syfer has been producing Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors for over 25 years and its employees are committed to providing customers with high quality products together with a fast, friendly and flexible service from a state-of-the-art facility.
Syfer ceramic manufacturing technology is the ‘Wet Process’. This fully integrated computer-controlled manufacturing operation is in a clean room environment, and offers unique advantages in the manufacture of filter products. This has resulted in Syfer being a world leader in the manufacture of EMI filters, discoidal capacitors and planar arrays.
Syfer excellence in ceramic materials technology, combined with EMI filter expertise, has enabled us to offer an unrivalled range of products.
Surface Mount filters including:
Feedthrough Chip capacitors, Surface Mount C filters, Surface Mount Pi filters
Integrated Passive Components:
Solder-in Panel Mount filters, Resin Sealed Ceramic Threaded Panel Mount filters, Hermetic Ceramic Panel Mount filters, Resin Sealed Metallised Film Panel Mount filters, Discoidal capacitors, Planar capacitor and Planar Varistor Arrays, Special filter assembly capability.

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