Fibre Optic Solutions

MM support a broad range of niche applications from rugged outdoor cable to die level Modulator Driver chips and thin film ccts for Optical networking and interconnects.

Microwave Marketing work in conjunction with a number of complementary optical and RF component manufacturers to offer a complete range of custom and off-the-shelf components for military and commercial use.
Applications include:

Satcoms, Broadcast, security, Radio, Network distribution, Military & CATV.
We will provide any component within your design, or offer sub-contract design and manufacture support to your  specifications.

Fibre Patch Cords
Single mode, Multmode  Test and reference cords,  APC/ PC, Pigtail/ breakout assemblies. Custom design.

Ruggedised Fibre Cabling
Military Satcomms
RF distribution
RF Connectors
Optical Shutters

Broadband DC Blocks
30KHz-50 GHz

Optical modulator Driver Amplifiers
Modulator Diplexers/Filters
Optical Semiconductors
InGaAS/GaAS, LED Lasers
DFB/Fabry Perot

Optical Transmission Components
RF on Fibre
CATV,  Audio, Data, Broadband.

We have a broad range of specialist optical test and cleaning components to support users and installers of equipment. Optic Cleaners are dry cloth cleaners specially designed to clean connections residing in an adapter, faceplate or bulkhead. The Senko Fibre Optic Cleaners are simple to use and highly effective at removing oil and dust contaminants that can negatively impact optical performance – test compliance against Arizona road dust, 70% IPA residue, Dryer lint, Distilled H2O residue, Skin oil and Hand lotion, Graphite – pre mate, NaCl residue, Graphite – post mate & Vegetable oil. Contamination is acknowledged as the main reason for product failure on installation. Along with ongoing progress in the speed and scale of optical communications development, is an increasing need for higher reliability in optical network equipment. One of the largest factors in the loss of reliability is contamination of optical connector end face. In order to remove this factor, optical connector cleaners are indispensable cleaning tools. Meanwhile, the MPO (Multi-fibre Push-On) multi-fibre optical connector has been adopted by data centres etc. especially in North America, and the multi-fibre optical connector has become popular in a greatly expanding market. In response to the special cleaning needs of multi-fibre optical connectors, Senko is introducing a new cleaner for MPO optical connectors. By further expanding its line-up of optical connector cleaners, Senko is able to respond to an even wider range of its customer’s needs.


Supporting our cleaners are some advanced inspection equipment, FTTA Smart Probe allows technicians to inspect the fibre end faces. Images are captured digitally and streamed on the monitor of any Windows Laptop, iOS and Android Tablet or Smartphone. The FTTX Smart Probe is an ergonomically designed, compact, Wi-Fi probe for smart phones and tablets. Featuring integrated Wi-Fi module and left/right handed thumb or finger operation for greater ease of use and convenience. Incorporating high resolution sensor outputting 960 x 544-pixel resolution images at 16:9 aspect ratio, the Smart Probe can easily view two MT/MPO fibres rather than just a single fibre. The App, available from Google Play, includes digital zoom and still capture capabilities


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