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RFMW Product Spotlight - June 2017 - RFMW UK, Ltd.
RFMW Product Spotlight – June 2017

RFMW Product Spotlight – June 2017

RFMW Product Spotlight

RFMW Product Spotlight – June 2017


RFMW offers 100W Power Limiter with Adjustable Threshold

Peregrine Semiconductor’s PE45361 is a10MHz to 6GHz RF power limiter capable of handling 100 watts of pulsed input power. This limiter is a monolithic structure 8 times smaller than discrete, with PIN-diode solutions and eliminates thermal hysteresis. The adjustable input 1dB compression point (limiting threshold) is set from +7 to +13dBm via a low current control voltage (VCTRL), eliminating the need for external bias components such as DC blocking capacitors, RF choke inductors and bias resistors.  Fast response time of <1ns ensures instantaneous protection of sensitive components and rapid return to normal operation. Highly flexible and highly linear, it delivers simple, repeatable, and reliable receiver protection for demanding professional mobile/portable radios, T&M equipment and wireless infrastructure applications. Available in a 3x3mm QFN package with improved (3kV HBM) ESD ratings.


Broadband 20W Driver Amplifier from RFMW offers High Gain

Ampleon’s BLP9G0722-20 is a cost effective, high performance driver amplifier that offers 20 watts of RF power with 60% efficiency drawing 180mA from a 28V supply. The wide-band frequency coverage of 400 to 2700MHz supports mobile broadband designs, either as a driver stage, or as a final stage for lower power small cells. Linear gain is up to 20.5dB while ACLR @ 35dBm is less than -45dBc in class AB operation. This amplifier’s compact, low cost TO270 package offers low thermal resistance for small form factor applications.


RFMW Wi-Fi FEM Supports STB and CPE Designs

Qorvo’s RFFM4555 5GHz front end module (FEM) integrates a low noise amplifier (LNA) with a SPDT switch for 802.11a/n/ac applications in the 4.9 to 5.925GHz frequency range. LNA gain is 13dB and offers a bypass mode with 6dB loss characteristics. Transmit to antenna path loss is only 0.6dB. Applicable for customer premise equipment (CPE), set-top box (STB), access points, picocells and femtocells, this Wi-Fi FEM can handle up to 33dBm at the TX input. With a 1.5×1.5mm footprint it minimizes PCB usage.


RFMW offers Absorber Material for Automotive Radar Applications

MAST Technologies microwave and millimeter wave absorbing materials are built for automobile collision avoidance, adaptive cruise control, back-up warning and lane detection systems. Tunable to solve a variety of high frequency EMI issues, MAST absorber material is available in sheets up to 24×24 inches and can be fitted with a pressure sensitive, adhesive backing. For more information, contact an RFMW specialist in your local area with your requirements.


RF Automotive Switch spans 6GHz

Skyworks Solutions SKYA21003 is a wide band (0.1 to 6GHz) switch capable of supporting ISM bands, 5GHz WiFi and cellular bands. AEC-Q100 Grade 2 qualified, this SPDT switch offers extended temperature operation from -40 to +105 degrees C. It can handle input power up to 38dBm meeting the need for higher power carrier LTE aggregation telematics designs. Insertion loss is 0.3dB at 900MHz and this rugged switch is rated at 1500V ESD HBM. Skyworks offers the switch in a 2x2mm QFN package.


RFMWs 1500W LDMOS Transistor Supports Broadcast and Industrial Applications

Ampleon’s BLF189XRA is a 1500W CW (1700W pulsed) RF power transistor thatspans a frequency range of 30 to 500MHz for broadcast and industrial applications such as CO2, plasma RF, and VHF radio. Offering gain of 26.5dB in CW operation, efficiency is 75%. Excellent ruggedness is a hall mark of Ampleon high power LDMOS and this transistor can withstand VSWR mismatch as high as 65:1. Excellent thermal stability is enhanced by the flanged, balanced ceramic packaging.


RFMWs 100W GaN Transistor supports Space Applications

Qorvo’s TGF2929-HM is a hermetic packaged power transistor which offers 100W of power from DC to 3.5GHz and up to 132W Psat at 2GHz. With 72% power added efficiency, the GaN transistor runs from a 28V supply buss. Small signal gain is as much as 17.4dB. Prematched for S-band, the transistor’s hermitic package offers low thermal resistance and lends itself to applications such as space based radar and satellite communications.