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THOR-7500-XA – Synthesiser

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THOR-7500-XA – Product Summary

The THOR-7500-XA is a 6 to 7.5 GHz frequency synthesizer designed for an Airborne RF Jammer that operates under extreme vibration and shock conditions. The design also features low phase noise (<-95 dHc/Hz @ 100 KHz) and fast switching capability (<300 µSec. Band-Edge to Band-Edge) critical for signals intelligence applications. It also locks to a +/-5 ppm stability and contains a channel step size of 500 KHz, +15 dBm output power, -60 dBc spurs and -25 dBc harmonics, all housed within a small surface-mount package (2.5” x 1.1” x 0.4”). This high performance design operates across temperatures from -40° C to +85° C with extended temperatures available. The THOR-7500-XA adds a new performance-focused, uniquely designed architecture to the company’s trusted THOR Series product line. With excellent resolution and ultra-fast switching for applications with agile tuning requirements, the THOR-7500-XA highlights another example of EM Research’s ability to deliver advanced products for customers’ most demanding requirements.

Product Features

  • High-Rel Frequency Synthesizer for Airborne Application
  • Small Step Size (500 KHz)
  • Fast Switching (<300 μSec, Band-Edge to Band-Edge)
  • Internal Reference (±5 PPM, -40°C to +85°C)
  • High Power Output (+15 dBm)

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