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TDX1210 – GNSS Diplexer

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The small form factor, high-performance GNSS diplexer are the latest addition to a comprehensive portfolio of GNSS filters supporting numerous single and multi-system architectures. These diplexers were developed to simplify RF frontend architecture for designers of high-performance GNSS receivers. By replacing several components including two SAW filters and several (typ. 3-5) discrete reactive matching elements, this drop-in 50ohm-impedance component greatly simplifies the design of dual-band GNSS frontends.

As challenging navigation tasks, such as Agricultural Automation, Construction and Mining, or Autonomous Vehicles continue to evolve and GNSS frontend systems are relied upon to achieve the centimeter-scale positioning accuracies, simplifying the design architecture of these systems by reducing overall component counts as well as footprint size will become increasingly paramount.



  • Simplifying Precision GNSS receiver RF frontends
  • Package: LCC 3.8 x 3.8 mm2
  • Dual Band 1200 MHz & 1600 MHz for high-precision receivers
  • Fully matched 50 ohm solution
  • High RF Powering Handling Capabilities



  • GNSS Receivers supporting higher (1.6 GHz) and lower (1.2 GHz) L-band signals
  • Architectures supporting single-standard and/or combinations of GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidou


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