SLB2000 Bean Lead PIN Diode
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SBL2004-12 – Beam Lead PIN Diode

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The SBL2004-12 Beam Lead PIN Diode is a high isolation device with application in surface mount strip line and micro-strip products such as switches, phase shifters and attenuators.

Specification: VB 100V, Cj  0.04pF, Rs 2.7ohms

The SemiGen SBL 2000 series Beam Lead Pin Diodes feature fast switching speeds at both low capacitance and resistance.

Beam Lead Pin Diodes have high levels of mechanical strength and stability during assembly. These diodes are suitable for microstrip or stripline circuits as well as circuits requiring high isolation from a series of mounted diodes such as multi-throw switches, phase shifters, attenuators and modulators.

SemiGen Beam Lead PIN Diode Datasheet