RFSWLM-2420-131 – Switch Limiter

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The RFSWLM-2420-131 Band Switch Limiter Module is based on a proven hybrid assembly technique and incorporates a fully integrated DC biasing network for real estate sensitive designs. This design approach permits individual device selection enabling optimal RF performance versus other glass technology, monolithic approaches which suffer from both higher thermal resistance and RF performance compromises. The RFSWLM-2420-131 S-Band Switch Limiter Module is manufactured using assembly techniques proven over dedicates of military and space applications. Additionally, customer specified testing conditions can be supported on various AQL testing regimes and individual production lot testing data is archived to permit perfect lot traceability.

The RFSWLM-2420-131 is designed to minimize the Antenna-Receiver Insertion Loss in the small signal receive state and to provide excellent input Return Loss in the Transmit-Antenna signal path under large signal (up to 51 dBm CW) conditions while in the transmit state. The very low Thermal Resistance (<40o C/W) of the PIN diodes in the RFSWLM-2420-131 enable it to reliably handle RF incident power levels up to 51 dBm CW and RF Peak Incident Power of 53 dBm in cold switching applications at Ta = 85o C-. The PIN Limiter Diode offer extremely low series resistance (<1.5Ω) produces low Flat Leakage Power (<15 dBm) and its small capacitance (<0.15pF) produces very low Insertion Loss (<0.85 dB). The RFSWLM-2420-131 is intended for use in high volume manufacturing and appropriate for use in solder reflow and aqua wash environments. The device is fully RoHS compliant.