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QPA2286A – Amplifier

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QPA2286A – Product Summary

The QPA2286A is a high performance SiGe HBT MMIC Amplifier. A Darlington configuration provides high FT and excellent thermal performance. The heterojunction increases breakdown voltage and minimizes leakage current between junctions. Cancellation of emitter junction non-linearities results in higher suppression of intermodulation products. Only two DC-blocking capacitors, a bias resistor, and an optional RF choke are required for operation.

Product Features

  • High Gain: 13.7 dB at 1950 MHz
  • Cascadable 50 Ω
  • Operates from Single Supply
  • Low Thermal Resistance Package


  • Instrumentation
  • Repeaters
  • Boosters
  • PA Driver Amplifier
  • Cellular, PCS, GSM, UMTS
  • IF Amplifier
  • Wireless Data, Satellite


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