MSW2T-2735-196 – Switch

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The MSW2T-2735-196/-197 SP2T surface mount High Power PIN Diode switches operates from the S Band frequency range from 2.7 GHz to 3.5 GHz: The MSW2T-2735-196/-197 high power switch leverages high reliability hybrid manufacturing processes which yield both superior RF and thermal characteristics performance when compared to MMIC or Glass Carrier based technologies. The hybrid design approach permits precise PIN Diode selection to optimize RF performance while maintaining competitive cost targets. The small form factor (9mm x 6mm x 2.5mm) offers world class power handling, low insertion loss, and superior isolation performance in a single device. The MSW2T-2735-196/-197 asymmetrical switches are tailored to minimize Transmit to Antenna loss while maximizing Transmit to Receive isolation. The hybrid assembly has been designed with an extremely low thermal resistance of 4.3 oC/W which will reliably permit handling up to 57 dBm CW power and up to 60 dBm peak RF incident power while operating at the Tamb (MAX) = +80oC.


 Surface Mount S- Band Limiter Module:
o -196: 9mm x 6mm x 2.5mm – clockwise topology
o -197: 9mm x 6mm x 2.5mm – counter clockwise topology
 Frequency Range: 2.7 to 3.5 GHz
 High Average Power Handling: 57 dBm (CW)
 High Peak Power Handling: 60 dBm
 Low Insertion Loss: 0.50 dB
 Return Loss (Ant-Tx): 13 dBm
 Isolation: 40 dB
 RoHS Compliant