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MMS-Series – Miniature MS-Series – Switch Matrix

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This mini matrix is an ideal switch solution for Test & Measurement requirements; designed and built with the Reliant Switch™ product series in mind. The MMS-series can be used in many applications where RF switches are needed and it is not restricted to VNA’s extension only. Furthermore, to support extensive testing on DUT’s, the MMS-series matrix model is equipped with high performance Reliant Switches™ with 0.03 dB insertion loss repeatability across DC to 26.5 GHz and a minimum of 10 Million Life Cycles for SPDT and 5 Million Life Cycles for SP6T.

The miniature sized enclosure can be populated on the front panel with maximum of:

  • (8) SPDT Reliant Switches™
  • (2) SP6T Reliant Switches™
  • (1) SP6T + (4) SPDT Reliant Switches™
  • (2) SP6T + (1) SPDT Reliant Switches™

The MMS-series needs 12Vdc power supply and the switches can be controlled remotely via TCP/IP Ethernet and HTTP-Server, which has a built-in “Sequencer” feature that allows the user to program up to ten 500-step sequence programs.

No RF cables are provided with this solution.


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