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MN-X-X-X-T01, 30–520MHz, 1W, Tunable Bandpass Filter Series

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The POLE/ZERO® “MN” MINI-POLE® is a series of digitally tunable bandpass filters with several standard designs in various tunable ranges to support a myriad of applications.

The MINI-POLE® is optimized for size, RF power handling, low distortion, and exceptional selectivity. The MINI-POLE® comes in a compact 42  in DIP package 0.558 x 1.305 x 2.250 inches (14.17 x 33.15 x 57.15 mm.)

The MINI-POLE® uses a high factor pin diode switched capacitor array with a customized high voltage driver to accurately and reliably tune to pre-defined frequencies. The MINI-POLE® is primarily used in applications where adjacent radio channels may cause interference on the acquisition channel. The MINI-POLE® can be  used to reduce or eliminate the effects of these interfering signals but it is flexible enough to be used in a multitude of applications.

The MINI-POLE® uses an 8-bit wide proprietary parallel or serial interface to tune to a maximum of 251 tune positions per band. The MINI-POLE® will typically tune in less than 10 μs. The MINI-POLE® requires only two external power supplies, +5V and +100V.

All MINI-POLE® filters are fully aligned and tested by POLE/ZERO® for convenience and ease of use. The MINI-POLE® covers six frequency ranges and custom configurations and designs are available upon request.

Typical Applications

  • Applications where small size, high power, and high performance are required
  • Military Radios
  • Military Radar
  • Test and Measurement Equipment
  • Industrial and Medical Equipment


  • Up to +30 dBm CW continuous in-band power handling
  • Up to +37 dBm CW continuous out-of-band power handling
  • +40 dBm IIP3 typical
  • 10 μs typical tune time
  • Up to 70 dB typical ultimate selectivity at (2 x 𝑓𝑐)


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MN-X-X-X-T01 (Mini-Pole) Datasheet