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LW10-793079 – Amplifier

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LW10-793079 – 50W GaN Pallet Amplifier


The LW10-793079 is a 50W GaN on SiC broadband power amplifier which is designed to target the Broadcasting, Telecommunication, Jammer, Medical and other relevant markets. The amplifier operates between 20-520MHz with typical efficiency of 47% and has typical gain of 32dB. The total footprint of the amplifier is 51mm (W) x 72mm (L) x 15mm (H). In addition to the RF the RF line-up design additionally includes control and monitor functionality. An analogue temperature sensor is included in the design that provides the real time temperature sensing capability and this voltage can be monitored by a system level controller to switch off the power amplifier by utilising the Enable/Disable feature of the module.

The power amplifier module control circuit also has an overall SHUTDOWN capability for DC energy conservation for applications where DC power consumption is managed so that devices are only switched on when functionality is required. The power amplifier’s small footprint allows for ease of integration into higher level modules and top level systems which can lead to either reduced overall dimensions or freeing up space for greater functionality.