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TSX-4310FF – Surge Protector

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The TSX-4310FF and TSX-4310FM are the latest addition to the family of ultra-low PIM DC short surge protectors. Using patented SX™ filter design combined with a 4.3-10 connector the bidirectional PolyPhaser TSX-4310 delivers to 4G and LTE networks significant advantages in both PIM performance and surge capacity, while occupying 40 percent less space than traditional designs. 



• 40 kA lightning surge rating

• Low let through energy (<300 nJ) for the ultimate protection of equipment

• Ultra low PIM typical -120 dBm

• Ideal for 4G LTE and cell bands from 698 MHz to 2.7 GHz

• Fully weatherized housing

• Multi-strike capability

• Bulkhead mounting

• 4.3-10 connector female-female and female-male




• IEC 60529 IP67

• RoHS and CE compliant

• Surge performance – IEC 61000 – 4-5 8/20 µs waveform