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Transtector provide solutions for critical communications – AC, DC, high speed data and signal protection, EMP | EMI filters, power conditioners, UPS and power distribution units.

All electronic equipment has the ability to withstand some level of over-voltage condition without incurring damage or disrupting the integrity of what the system is designed to do, although this is often variable and of a minimal level. Transtector | PolyPhaser surge protectors are designed to increase the level of protection to a reliable state that can ensure planned performance is maintained.
All installers are aware that protection systems can be an important investment, but it is important to remember that customers install surge protection to ensure the up-time of the system. Revenue is generated by the function of the system, failure can impact short term data traffic but also impact longer term revenue.
In choosing a protection solution the customer is investing in a solution that can assure performance to a fixed level and maintain operations by controlling both the discharge path and the level that the system will operate to.
It is important to remember that the solution works in partnership with an effective low impedance earth system and controls the surge from discharge path to ground.

There are 4 typical product sets in the surge protection portfolio:

  • AC Protection – for power surges that come from the utility
  • Data Protection – for communication lines between equipment
  • DC Protection – for DC power lines
  • RF Protection – for coaxial cable from lightning

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