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MiniRF supply surface mount ferrite based components including Surface Mount Couplers, Chokes, Transformers, Splitters, 4 way splitters.

This is a relatively new name for a passive components, but with a long heritage and experience. Originally formed as PDI (Premier Devices Inc) in the early 1990’s, acquired by Sirenza Microdevices in 2006 and RFMD in 2007.
The company has completed its return to independence in 2012, focusing strictly on passive components, and is dedicated to providing quality RF passive components at competitive prices for existing and emerging Broadband/CATV and Wireless Communications Systems. They are a proven leader in supplying high performance surface mount passive components. MiniRF components are found in the products of many of the world’s largest suppliers of communications products with nearly a billion units shipped.
The company designs and manufactures both standard and custom transformers, couplers, splitters, mixers and chokes.
Common theme of all components is a Ferrite core -performance of MiniRF’s product depends on the magnetic properties of the core and its interaction with the wire wrapped around it.  All MiniRF manufacturing facilities are ISO9001 certified.
Product examples:
Surface Mount Couplers
4 way splitters

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