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Carlisle Interconnect for Coax connectors, cable assemblies, fibre and transient protected interconnect. Specialist in Defence,Space and Avionics.

Capabilities include RF and Microwave,Power and Grounding,Specialty Connectors, Contacts, Fiber Optics, Custom Components.
Industry’s First Swept Right Angle Adapters with excellent Return loss performance at higher frequency ranges (to 40GHz)
Hybrid Connector designs that combine any combination of RF/ Data/Power
Patented RF/ Data Integrated Interconnects.
Introduced the first SMP® connectors to market 20+ years ago. Experts in Blind mateable connectors that facilitate dense packaging solutions across a wide product family to cover different frequencies/applications
High performance coax connectors include Stainless Steel body with Excellent VSWR, SMA, K, TNC, Type-N, 1.85mm designed specifically for Mil/Defense & Space Applications
Great heritage in Board-mount designs, plus a broad range of Board-mount, Panel-mount, Field replaceable,Hermetics, Cable Connector and other product configurations are available.
Recent product highlights:
Locking SMP to 40GHz
Push fit XMP for Lasers at 3KW power
TMP – a variant of sma with 200w Power handling
In series phase adjusters to 50GHz
Hermetic connectors
Long space heritage with Boeing Space; Com Dev; Lockheed Martin; Space Systems Loral; Raytheon; SAAB Erickson, Alcatel; Tesat
Heatless interconnect splices

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