EUMW Week News Updates

EUMW Week News Updates

European Microwave Week will see Microwave Marketing on stand 67, coinciding with the show we will be launching our new Logo and web site.

Its a good opportunity to meet a number of manufacturers in person, with the stand being a hub for Linwave, Qorvo, Vectron, Santron, QuinStar, RadioWaves, MPG, Knowles & PolyPhaser|Transtector staff.

Let us know your attendance day and we can reserve some specific time slots to meet up with your supplier of interest.

Highlights for stand discussion will be recent product releases including:


Linwave GaN based X Band 50W SSPA. The recently launched X band SSPA is suitable for a wide range of high power applications in X-Band and complements the existing range of GaN based amplifiers available from Linwave.

 Knowles Capacitors

Knowles brings innovation to European Microwave Week

Knowles Capacitors comprises the brands of DLI, Syfer, Novacap and Voltronics. They have just released a new range of high temperature Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors in 0402, 0603 and 0805 sizes with ultra-Low ESR and High Q characteristics. In addition, DLI have introduced MLC devices rated at 175  deg C in UL and AH High Q Porcelain dielectrics.



iii). Vectron International

Vectron introduces the latest high performance SAWO and high temperature VCXO’s:


The latest high frequency voltage controlled SAW oscillator (the VS–507) provides a jitter performance of 10fs–rms over the offset bandwidth of 12kHz to 20MHz, while providing a high frequency range of 3.0GHz to 6.0GHz. With such good jitter performance, these parts are ideal for very fast A/D converters

The VS–507 High Frequency VCSO with Ultra Low Jitter (10fs–rms) Performance


Dover MPG  K&L introduce a fully reconfigurable LTE / WiFi  filter test set 

K&L has developed a very comprehensive  LTE/WiFi test solution comprising a digitally-controlled filtering system that can tune a bandpass filter anywhere in the 700 MHz to 6000 MHz range with continuously adjustable bandwidth.



Qorvo®’s New GaN on SiC PAs Achieve Breakthrough Performance and Flexibility

  • TGM2635-CP – X-band 100W MMIC amplifier for satellite communications, data links and radar applications
  • TGA2307-SM – C-band 50W MMIC amplifier for radar applications, in low cost plastic packaging
  • TGA2963 – 20W MMIC amplifier for wideband communication platforms, radar systems, electronic warfare and test instrumentation